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Our Premier Dental Surgery & Care in West New York, NJ

At Universal Dental we know the importance of a great smile. We take great pride in knowing that our dental services can change lives. We have extensive experience in cosmetic and family dental care, and we take your oral health seriously. We carefully evaluate your teeth and bite with the goal of achieving and maintaining a beautiful smile, ultimately enhancing the quality of your life.

We’re different; we treat our patients like family. We’re confident that after just one visit you’ll not only appreciate your experience but the difference in the quality of dental care you’ll receive from our staff. It is our commitment to our patients, and we prove it every day.

Dental Care Services Offered

Serving New Durham, Union City and West New York, NJ and their surrounding communities, we provide the following comprehensive dental services for our patients:

It’s Your Smile

You’ve probably heard the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” With this in mind, it’s important to be aware of how you present yourself to your peers, colleagues, and business associates. Your smile is the first thing everyone you come in contact with sees, so why not utilize it! Universal Dental offers dental surgery, both preventative and cosmetic, in order to correct any problems that may threaten the health of your teeth, but also to help you feel comfortable in your own *teeth*. If surgery isn’t your thing, we have other non-invasive options to make the corrections you desire, without brandishing the scalpel.

In business, politics, parties, social circles, anywhere and everywhere your smile is how you are initially assessed. Your friendliness, personality even your intelligence is gauged by your smile. You may even know someone who has experienced first-hand dental surgery new york nyhow difficult having a poor smile can be and has expressed their interest in corrective dental surgery. Your smile can have a dramatic effect on your physical looks, your self-esteem and your overall health. For these reasons, we encourage you to utilize our comprehensive dental services for the betterment of your smile, and the fulfillment of your life.

Take Care of That Beautiful Smile!

Your smile is uniquely yours. It tells the world who you are. It impacts everything you do. It is a crucial factor in how you want the world to see you and how you see yourself. A beautiful, healthy smile could improve your general health, boost your self-esteem, improve your love-life, enhance your ability to eat and communicate and show everyone the real you!

If you reside in Union City, New Durham, West New York, NJ or any of the surrounding areas, contact our 24 Hr Dentist today at 201-479-2863 and see how we can help you meet your healthy-smile goals. At Universal Dental…that’s what we do! Improve lives, by improving smiles.