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At Universal Dental, we are dedicated to providing our community with the best in professional dental services. You can turn to us for everything from dental cleanings and dental veneers to professional teeth whitening.

What is Dental Whitening?

Dental whitening is a cosmetic procedure whereby a patient’s teeth are bleached to make them appear whiter in color. Dental whitening is intended to mask or remove accumulated discoloration and stains; it is a very routine process and is performed by most dentists.

Who Typically Chooses Whitening?

Dental whitening is often chosen by patients who have significant discoloration of their teeth, often due to gradual staining from drinking tea, coffee, tobacco use, or less-than-perfect oral hygiene.

Dental whitening is often selected by patients who suffer from intrinsic staining, meaning that their teeth are discolored from the inside of the teeth rather than externally. Intrinsic staining can have various causes, such as trauma, environmental factors, or as a side effect from medication.

Can Anyone Go Through Dental Whitening?

There are no particular rules concerning who is eligible for dental whitening, and who is not.

However, most dentists do not recommend whitening for patients with severely worn tooth enamel, chronic sensitivity, or periodontal diseases such as gingivitis. Whitening is not effective in bleaching veneers or crowns.

Furthermore, even though dental whitenings can be very successful in masking discoloration, the degree of success will vary from one patient to the next according to the cause and relative severity of the staining.

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Do I Need To Prepare for a Dental Whitening?

Before any whitening is performed, your dentist will need to do an examination of your teeth to determine the source of the discoloration or staining. A dental whitening cannot be performed if there are any cavities or decay. If these issues aren’t treated first, the whitening solution can potentially penetrate into the tooth’s inner surface via the cavity.

How Do Dental Whitenings Work?

There are two varieties of dental whitening. The first is vital whitening, which is performed on ‘regular’ teeth that still have live nerves. The other variety, non-vital whitening, is performed on teeth that have previously gone through root canal treatment, and hence do not have live nerves.

A vital whitening can be done in your local dental office, in your home, or in combination depending on circumstance. An in-office whitening often requires 1-to-3 appointments. The number of visits and their respective length will vary according to the severity of the discoloration, the degree of bleaching desired, and the particular method of whitening used.

Most often, your dental specialists will apply a whitening solution to your teeth containing a form of hydrogen peroxide. To expedite the bleaching process, your specialists will activate the whitening solution using a specialized laser or light.

For an in-home whitening, your dentist will provide you with a mouthpiece that is customized to fit your teeth. Additionally, your dentist will provide you whitening solution with which to fill the mouthpiece; it is then normally worn for a few hours each day according to your specialist’s instructions.

When doing a non-vital whitening, your dentist will inject a whitening agent into your tooth, followed by a temporary filling over it. The tooth will be left with the agent for a few days, after which the procedure can be repeated according to the degree of bleaching desired.

How Long Will The Whitening Take To Work?

While an in-office whitening requires just a few sessions, in-home whitening can last anywhere from a few days to 3-to-4 weeks. However, keep in mind that in-home and in-office whitenings are frequently used in combination with one another.

It is critical to remember that dental whitening is not permanent. After the procedure, stains will begin to reaccumulate. Another whitening can be done after discoloration starts to return. Consult your specialist for advice on how to maintain the color and health of your teeth.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects?

Severe side effects are rare, though a dental whitening procedure may be followed by sensitivity or gum irritation. Speak with your specialist if you experience any pain or discomfort following whitening. Dental whitening is not recommended for patients who are pregnant.

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