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Dental Fillings in West New York, NJ

A dental filling is a procedure whereby a dentist fills the cavity of a decayed tooth with a protective, artificial material. Dental fillings are routinely performed for patients who are found to have cavities. The process generally involves removal of the decayed portion of the tooth and subsequent insertion of the filling material into the empty space.

The purpose of performing a dental filling is to both prevent the further decay of a tooth by removing the affected portion and to then protect the tooth from harmful bacteria by filling in the cavity with a durable material. Otherwise, invading bacteria could cause not just further decay in the tooth itself but also the tooth’s root, which may lead to more advanced problems.

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How Do I Know I Need a Filling?

When you visit Universal Dental, our dentists will need to do an examination to determine if you have any cavities that would require fillings. Such examinations can be easily performed during a routine dental cleaning.

If you are experiencing any possible warning signs of cavities, such as toothaches or sensitivity to hot and cold foods and liquids, contact your dentist as soon as possible for an examination. If a cavity is left unchecked, the decay can become more severe, possibly requiring a root canal or tooth extraction.

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How Are Dental Fillings Done?

Dental filling procedures are relatively non-invasive; this, along with the use of anesthetic, makes the process rather painless.

In the course of the procedure, our dental specialists will partially numb the tooth and surrounding gums using a topical soothing gel. Next, they will inject a local anesthetic into the gums to completely numb the area. After a few minutes have passed and the anesthetic has taken full effect, the dental specialist will begin removing the tooth’s decayed portion using precision and care.

Once finished with removing the decay, the dentist will inject a filling material into the tooth’s empty space that will cover the exposed region and guard against potential infection. After the filling sets, they will polish and shave the filling until it is correctly proportioned and comfortable to the bite.

Once the polishing is finished, the procedure is complete, though the numbness from the anesthesia may remain for a few hours.

What are the Options for Filling Materials?

There is a range of available materials to select from for your fillings, all of which come with their own unique advantages:

  • Amalgam/Silver: Fillings made from silver or silver alloy last 10-15 years on average before needing replacement.
  • Composite/Plastic: Composite resins tend to be less durable than other materials, lasting 5-10 years on average, and often stain more easily. However, they have the advantage of being tooth-colored and blend in seamlessly with your other teeth, as well as being more cost-efficient. Composite fillings are often ideal for smaller fillings.
  • Gold: Gold fillings tend to be very durable, lasting 20 years or more on average, and blend in with the teeth better than many other metals. However, they are often not as cost-efficient as other filling materials.
  • Porcelain: Porcelain has the dual advantage of being as durable as gold fillings and blending with the teeth as well as composite resins. The downside? Like gold, they can be less cost-effective.

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