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Root Canals: Aftercare and What to Expect

So now that you’ve eliminated pain and discomfort, saved your tooth, and improved your smile with a root canal treatment, you may want to know what to expect in the hours, days, and weeks after your procedure. What you do during your recovery period can significantly affect the time it takes to get back to normal, so following a good aftercare regimen is essential for your oral health.

At Universal Dental, we perform dental cosmetics in New York, NY, and are dedicated to providing our patients with pain-free root canal treatments. Here’s how you can help avoid discomfort and speed your recovery following your root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy:

Immediately After the Procedure

1. Since anesthesia was used during your treatment, you’ll likely be numb for several hours. Until this numbness wears off, it’s best to avoid chewing and consuming hot beverages so that you don’t accidentally injure your mouth because of the decreased sensitivity.

2. Since a temporary filling is used to protect your tooth, it’s crucial to be gentle around the area. In fact, it’s common for a small portion of it to break off or tear away. If the entire filling falls out, call our offices right away.

The Next Few Days

1. It’s completely normal to experience some discomfort and swelling in the days following your endodontic treatment. To help to mitigate this, you can take over the counter medications, such as ibuprofen, or any other medication that’s been prescribed by your doctor.

2. If antibiotics have been prescribed, take them as directed, even if your symptoms subside. Always check with your dentist before taking medications after your treatment.

3. To protect your newly-reserved tooth and keep the filling in place, avoid eating hard or sticky foods, like gum, caramel, and chewy candy. It’s also a good idea to chew on the other side of your mouth.

4. You can continue to brush and floss regularly. In fact, practicing good oral hygiene and health can help to aid your recovery, and even hasten it.

5. The last step in the root canal process is getting the permanent crown or filling placed on your tooth. This protects your tooth from further breakage and can be matched to your original tooth color. Most people will never even know you had the procedure!

With professional endodontic therapy, you can remove discomfort and pain, and even protect your tooth from further damage. For more information on our services, like cosmetic surgery in Union, NY, call us today at 201-479-2863.

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