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What To Do When Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Tooth avulsion is when a tooth becomes completely displaced from its socket due to trauma. According to The American Association of Endodontists (AAE), over five million teeth are knocked out every year in children and adults. However, having a tooth knocked out doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lost it for good. With proper emergency dental care, you can save your tooth — but you have to act quickly!

Tips For Preserving Your Tooth Until You Receive Emergency Dental Care

Seeking emergency dental services immediately after you’ve knocked your tooth out can be the determining factor between saving your tooth and having it be replaced. Here are five helpful tooth saving tips that can help you preserve your tooth until you have access to emergency dental services.

Always Pick The Tooth Up from the Crown
Carefully pick up your tooth and make sure never to hold the tooth by its root. Always handle your tooth by touching the crown, which is the top of the tooth that you use to chew.

Clean The Tooth
Gently clean your tooth using water only to rid it of any dirt, and be sure that you don’t try to scrub or dry the tooth. You may not know this, but you should never use soap or chemicals to clean an avulsed tooth. When you’re done washing your tooth, do not wrap your tooth in tissue or cloth.

Place The Tooth Back In Its Socket
Once you have cleaned your tooth, you should attempt to place the tooth back in the socket. When setting the tooth back, make sure it is placed correctly in the socket and then gently push on the crown of the tooth. This may allow you to temporarily hold the tooth in place. However, it is important to note that you should never force the tooth back in.

Keep Your Tooth Moist
If you can’t place your tooth back into the socket, it is important that you ensure the tooth remains moist. You can preserve your tooth by placing it into a glass of milk or even letting it rest inside your mouth next to your cheek.

Seek Emergency Dental Care
Once your tooth has been knocked out, you should seek emergency dental services within approximately 30 minutes. If you can’t make it to a dental provider within 30 minutes, don’t give up — there is still a chance that your tooth can be salvaged.

Local Emergency Dental Services
If you experience trauma that results in your tooth (or teeth) being knocked out, contact the dental professionals at Universal Dental. We provide 24-hour emergency dental services in Union City, NJ and the surrounding areas. Are you suffering from severe tooth pain and think that you may be in need of tooth extraction services? We provide patients with tooth extractions in Union City, NJ in addition to a long list of dental services. Please contact our office today and to find the solution you need for your dental emergency.

To schedule an appointment for emergency dental services or tooth extraction, please call 201-479-2863.

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