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Why Routine Cleanings Are Important

We’re sure that ever since you were a young child, you’ve had it drilled into you that you need to go in for a routine cleaning twice a year. However, many people tend to be lax with the recommended bi-yearly appointments, reasoning that their teeth are already healthy, anyway, so why so much concern?

The truth is that booking regular dental cleanings is about more than treating problems you may already have. Just as often, it is about preventative care and fending off oral health issues that may otherwise be awaiting you down the road. Sometimes, dentists even discover signs of potentially fatal diseases through symptoms expressed through the patient’s oral health.

Check out our list of four reasons why you should be getting your teeth cleaned every six months with Universal Dental.

1. Periodontal Disease
Though brushing and flossing certainly help, regular professional cleaning is often necessary to remove the buildup of plaque. As plaque and calculus slowly accumulate, they can slowly embed themselves within the gums; such accumulations are very difficult to clean out on one’s own. Over time, periodontal disease can develop, which produces enzymes that dissolve away your teeth.

2. Tooth Decay
Avoiding tooth decay is one of the more familiar reasons for booking dental check-ups, though often overlooked nonetheless. It is vital to be regularly examined for small, hard-to-see cavities; if they are not found in time, such cavities can quickly develop into large ones, which can make a big difference for the worse. A small amount of decay is relatively easy to handle, but a large tooth cavity can cause much suffering and may necessitate pulling the tooth entirely.

3. Gum Disease
Gum disease can harm much more than your mouth: it can also damage your heart, ultimately contributing to cardiovascular disease. As bacteria builds on your gums, those very bacteria can enter into your bloodstream via the flesh in your mouth. From there, the bacteria can lodge in and eventually clog up your blood vessels and heart.

4. Symptoms of More Severe Illnesses
While it might sound strange, there are all kinds of diseases and conditions that have no connection to oral health that, nonetheless, produce symptoms that show up in your mouth. A dentist’s trained eye can tell if a specific oral problem may be indicative of something more sinister. For instance, tumors in the body often produce unusual symptoms in the mouth; chronic bad breath, if it exists despite otherwise good oral hygiene, can signal liver or stomach dysfunction. People with diabetes frequently experience swollen or bleeding gums. Chronic outbreaks of oral lesions, called canker sores, can sometimes indicate a mineral deficiency caused by gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

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